Spray Sunscreen for Face | Uses, Benefits, and More


Sunscreens, also known as sunblock, shield our skin from the damaging impacts of UV rays released by the sun. These products come in various forms with different active ingredients to adequately protect against skin cancer risk, premature aging, and sunburn. While traditional sunscreen lotions have been widely used, spray sunscreen for face has acquired popularity … Read more

Masseter Botox | Treatment, Benefits, and Risks

masseter botox

Botox is a drug from a toxin generated by the Clostridium botulinum bacterium. The same toxin also brings on a potentially fatal food sickness called botulism. Doctors employ it in low doses to treat various health issues. From erasing wrinkles and fine lines to alleviating chronic medical conditions, the profound impact of Botox reaches far beyond … Read more

PDO Threads Lift| All You Need to Know

pdo threads lift

In recent years, aesthetic medicine has witnessed remarkable advancements in non-surgical techniques that offer practical and minimally invasive solutions for various cosmetic concerns. One such innovation that has gained significant attention is using PDO threads. The desire for minimally invasive cosmetic procedures is rising everywhere. Patients are always looking for office-based procedures that will help … Read more