How Long Do Lip Fillers Last | All You Need to Know

how long do lip fillers last

Lip fillers/augmentation is a cosmetic execution that uses fillers like collagen or implants to change the shape of the lips. The operation can make the lips larger, fix asymmetry, protrude, or change the proportion of the top-to-bottom lips. Although temporary non-surgical solutions are available, the technique typically includes surgical injection. The use of lip fillers … Read more

24 Natural Wedding Makeup Looks

natural wedding makeup looks

The bridal beauty industry has seen a long-lasting trend in using natural wedding makeup looks. A wedding day celebrates love and unity when two souls embark on a journey of togetherness. Every detail matters on this occasion; one of the most important aspects is the bride’s appearance. While some brides opt for glamorous and bold … Read more

Polygel Nails: A Complete Beginners Guide

polygel nails

If you’re into making your nails look fabulous, whether with plain colors or fancy designs, you might have heard of gel nails, acrylic nails, and dip powder nails. But if you have not heard about polygel nails yet, let us tell you about this new nail polish formula. We’ll explain what it is and how … Read more

30 Stunning Rhinestone Eye Makeup Looks to Rock Any Occasion

rhinestone eyemakeup

In the world of makeup artistry, creativity knows no boundaries. Rhinestone eye makeup is one captivating trend that has taken the beauty scene by storm. This unique and glamorous style allows you to transform your eyes into mesmerizing works of art adorned with the brilliance and allure of rhinestones. Whether aiming for a subtle hint … Read more

Tinted Lip Balm: Uses and Benefits

tinted lip balm

Tinted lip balm is a lip ointment that is pigmented with vibrant colors. Compared to a standard lipstick bottle, these unusual lip balms give your lips a more soft color. Lip balms come in shades like sheer pink, purple, dark red, and more, so you may find one that goes with how you’re feeling. Among … Read more

What is a Gel Moisturizer? Everything You Need to Know

gel moisturizer

With numerous options of skincare products available in the market, gel moisturizers have emerged as a refreshing and innovative choice that caters to a wide range of skin types and preferences. Applying a layer of moisturizer on your face after cleaning all the dirt and impurities accumulated on your face can do wonders. Moisturizers leave … Read more

24 Inspiring Spring Nail Designs You Need to Try

spring nail designs

Spring nail designs are a delightful way to welcome the season of renewal and blooming. As the weather warms and nature comes to life, many people are inspired to express their creativity through their nails. Spring nail designs often incorporate a vibrant and pastel color palette, floral motifs, and other elements that capture the essence … Read more

Liquid Highlighter | Uses, Benefits and More


Hey there! Have you ever wondered how those Instagram models and makeup gurus achieve that gorgeous, radiant glow on their skin? Well, let me introduce you to the magic of liquid highlighter! Imagine a tiny bottle of pure radiance – that’s what these babies are. Liquid highlighters are like pots of stardust that you can … Read more

Eyeliner Tattoo | All You Need to Know about Permanent Eyeliner

tattoo eyeliner

Eyeliner tattoo, often known as permanent eyeliner makeup, has revolutionized the world of beauty and cosmetics. This innovative technique offers a long-lasting solution to accentuate your eyes without the daily hassle of applying traditional eyeliner. Permanent makeup can be suitable if you’re tired of applying makeup daily, want a more precise eyeliner line, or struggle … Read more