Liquid Highlighter | Uses, Benefits and More

Hey there! Have you ever wondered how those Instagram models and makeup gurus achieve that gorgeous, radiant glow on their skin? Well, let me introduce you to the magic of liquid highlighter! Imagine a tiny bottle of pure radiance – that’s what these babies are. Liquid highlighters are like pots of stardust that you can dab and blend onto your skin for an instant luminous boost. Whether you’re a makeup pro or just dipping your toes into the world of cosmetics, these babies are a game-changer.

The texture of liquid highlighters is pretty awesome – this silky, creamy goodness effortlessly glides onto your skin. Loaded with ultra-tiny light-reflecting particles, they dance with the light, giving you that magical inner glow that’s simply mesmerizing. MAC Cosmetics Strobing Cream was the first highlighter item made available to commercial consumers.

Difference Between Powder, Liquid and Cream Highlighter

So, picture yourself strolling through a makeup store, and you come across these three intriguing highlighter options – powder, liquid, and cream. They might seem similar, but each brings a unique flair to the beauty game. Let’s have a closer look:

Powder Highlighter

Imagine this as the classic one that started it all. It’s like finely ground stardust compacted into a cute little case. Swiping it onto your skin gives you this beautiful shimmer that’s all about that sun-kissed glow. The cool part is you can control how much shimmer you want – a soft glint or a full-on spotlight – it’s your call. These powders can help keep things nice and matte if your skin gets oily.

Liquid Highlighter

This one’s like a hidden gem, a secret weapon for that extra glow. Imagine the texture of silk – that’s the liquid highlighter for you. It’s smooth and goes on like a dream. The magic here is in blending – it effortlessly melts into your skin like it belongs there. And the tiny light-catching particles in liquid highlighters? They’re like little fairies that play with light, giving you this almost magical glow. Add a drop into your foundation for an all-over shine, or gently tap it onto your cheekbones for a soft, radiant look.

Cream Highlighter

The cozy option is like a warm hug for your skin. Cream highlighters are all about that creamy, velvety touch. They’re like a makeup artist’s secret weapon for that “I woke up looking this good” natural look. Applying them is artsy – you can pat your fingers onto your skin. The result? A dewy, fresh-faced glow that’s like a sip of morning coffee for your complexion.

If you want classic shimmer with control, go for powder. If you’re into effortless blending and a touch of enchantment, liquid’s the way. And if you’re chasing that natural, soft radiance, creams got your back. Whatever you choose, remember it’s all about your style and having fun with your makeup.

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What Does Highlighter Do?

Highlighting is significantly different from contouring. When contouring, you use a color darker than your skin tone to show that certain features (like your cheek hollows, temples, and jawline) are being pulled inwards to provide a sculpted effect. However, highlighter employs a shimmering color significantly lighter than your skin tone to catch the light, draw attention to your features, and give them a more prominent appearance.

Imagine the sun kissing your skin and leaving behind a soft, luminous trace; it’s mainly what highlighting does. The secret ingredient adds depth and dimension, making your cheekbones pop, your eyes sparkle, and your whole face come alive. With a delicate touch of shimmer on strategic areas, like your upper cheekbones, brow bone, and the tip of your nose, you’re turning ordinary light into an extraordinary glow.

Benefits of Liquid Highlighter

Liquid Highlighter is a game-changer in the makeup world, offering a range of fantastic benefits:

  • Seamless Blendability: Liquid highlighters have a creamy consistency that effortlessly melts into your skin. This makes them incredibly easy to blend, ensuring a smooth and natural finish without harsh lines.
  • Buildable Glow: Whether aiming for a subtle radiance or a bold, intense shimmer, liquid highlighters allow you to build up the glow gradually. You’re in control of how much shine you want to add.
  • Versatility: Liquid highlighters are versatile multitaskers. Combine a drop into your foundation for a dewy finish, or tap it onto specific areas like cheekbones, brow bones, and collarbones for targeted radiance.
  • Youthful Effect: The dewy finish of liquid highlighters can create a more youthful appearance by giving your skin a healthy and hydrated look.
  • Natural Look: The liquid formula mimics the skin’s texture, creating a more natural finish than powder alternatives. This is especially great for achieving that no-makeup makeup look.
  • Travel-Friendly: The compact, spill-proof packaging of liquid highlighters makes them convenient for on-the-go touch-ups or travel.
  • Highlighting primer: You can replace your primer with a liquid highlighter when your skin is not at its best. Even though this may not work for oily skin, dull and tired skin can benefit from this trick.

Best Places to Apply a Highlighter?

Okay, first up are your cheekbones – they’re the best spot for a bit of shimmer. It makes your face glowy and brings out your excellent bone structure. Next, your brow bone – that’s like the top part of your eyes. If you add some highlighter there, your eyes look awake and bright. Now, your cupid’s bow – it’s that little curve above your lips. If you put some glow there, your lips look extra cool, and your smile shines. Also, the corners of your eyes – if you give them a touch of highlighter, your eyes look more extensive and super pretty. And lastly, collarbones and shoulders – a bit of shimmer here adds a fancy touch when you’re showing off your shoulders. So, that’s the secret to an incredible glow, and you’re ready to try it!

How to Choose the Best Liquid Highlighter

To find the right liquid highlighter for you, start by looking at your skin color, whether light, medium, or dark. Also, consider whether your skin looks warmer, more relaxed, or somewhere in between, and choose a highlighter that matches those colors. Decide if you want a soft shine or a bright glow, like choosing between a small light or a big spotlight on your face. Remember that some people have dry skin, and some have oily skin. If your skin is dry, pick one that keeps it moist; if it’s oily, go for something that won’t make it oilier. Ensure the highlighter easily mixes with your skin and looks like it belongs there. Lastly, try a bit on your skin to see how it looks and feels, and pick the one that makes you feel like a superstar.

Final Thoughts

Liquid Highlighter is like a makeup superhero that adds a glowing boost to your look. It’s easy to blend and works like a charm. Pick a shade that matches your skin and decide how much shine you want. Whether you’re going for a simple everyday glow or a flashy style, liquid highlighter is your buddy. So, get ready to shine and let your inner sparkle light up the world!

Can I mix liquid highlighter with other products?

Absolutely! Liquid Highlighter is versatile and can be mixed with foundation, moisturizer, or primer to create an all-over glow. You can layer it on top of makeup for a more intense highlight.

Is liquid highlighter long-lasting?

Many liquid highlighters have good staying power. Once they’re set, they can last for hours, keeping you radiant throughout the day.

Can I wear a liquid highlighter every day?

Absolutely! Liquid Highlighter can be used for both everyday looks and special occasions. Depending on your mood, you can apply it subtly for a natural glow or amp it up for a more intense shine.

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