Image Usage Policy

Welcome to BeautyPremise, where we believe in the power of visual allure to enhance our content. This Image Usage Policy outlines how images are used on our blog and what guidelines apply to their usage. You acknowledge that you are bound by this policy by your use of our website or access to it.

  1. Ownership and Copyright: All images used on BeautyPremise are either created in-house, sourced from royalty-free image providers, or used with explicit permission from the copyright owners. The copyrights of these images remain with the original creators.
  2. Usage Rights: Users can view, download, and print images from BeautyPremise for personal, non-commercial use only. Images may enhance your understanding of the content, but any other usage requires explicit permission.
  3. Attribution and Credit: If you wish to use any image from our blog for non-commercial purposes, proper attribution must be given to BeautyPremise and the respective image creator (if specified). The credit should be prominently displayed along with the image and include the source or creator’s name.
  4. Enforcement: Violating this Image Usage Policy may result in legal action or removal of the image(s) from our platform. We reserve the right to enforce this policy at our discretion.
  5. Commercial Use and Licensing: For any commercial use of our images, including but not limited to promotions, advertising, publications, or any form of monetary gain, you must obtain express written permission from BeautyPremise. Contact us at for licensing and usage rights inquiries.
  6. Updates to Policy: BeautyPremise reserves the right to update and modify this Image Usage Policy at any time without notice. The updated policy will go into effect as soon as it is posted on this website.
  7. Prohibited Actions: Users are strictly prohibited from the following actions regarding the images on our blog:
  • Reproducing, modifying, or creating derivative works based on the images for commercial use.
  • Distributing, displaying, or publicly showcasing the images without appropriate attribution or permission.
  • Removing or altering any copyright notices, watermarks, or attributions present on the images.

Your compliance with this Image Usage Policy is appreciated and contributes to maintaining the integrity of our content and respecting the rights of creators. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Last Updated on September 23, 2023