Different Types of Dandruff and Their Treatment

types of dandruff

Different types of dandruff manifest on the scalp due to various underlying causes, leading to varying presentations and symptoms. These ailments, collectively called dandruff, can be caused by dry skin, an overabundance of sebum, a fungal overgrowth, allergies, and some medical issues. In the typical scenario, skin cells follow a life cycle in that they … Read more

Is Dandruff Contagious? Myth or Reality?

is dandruff contagious

The question that often crosses our minds is, “Is dandruff contagious?” It’s a common concern among many, and we aim to clarify this matter in this article. Dandruff (Pityriasis capitis) is a non-inflammatory type of seborrheic dermatitis with enhanced scalp scaling representing the more active spectrum of physiological degradation. Dandruff is a significant scalp problem … Read more